Five Easy Ways To Boost AC Efficiency

Five Easy Ways To Boost AC Efficiency

Starting the season with energy-efficient AC is a great way to ensure good cooling without breaking the bank. AC maintenance you can do from home is cost-effective and practical. Here are a few ways to improve your AC output without a big investment of time or money.

1. Check Air Filters

Unlike most parts of your AC, the air filters need regular replacement. This part functions like a screen door for your indoor air quality, blocking all the dirt and allergens from ruining your home. Air filter cleaning allows the supply to pass through easily, making the running of an efficient AC unit that much simpler. Check the size of your filter and plan to buy a new one every three months. Doing this yourself has the following benefits:

  • Costs very little
  • Keeps the rest of the equipment clean, saving you money on possible damage and repairs
  • Takes only a few minutes to put in place

2. Keep the System Clear

Pulling air from the outdoors can be dirty, but it does not have to be. Trim your landscaping so that the unit has at least a foot of clearance on each side.

Periodically vacuum or wipe vent registers. Confirm that each vent is clear of boxes or debris and avoid closing any of them. Contrary to popular belief, closing vents can actually hurt your AC efficiency by creating temperature inconsistencies throughout the home.

3. Control Heat Transfer

Energy-efficient AC is all about keeping the cool air in and the warm air out. Heat transfer means that the hot outside air will move inside eventually. The faster it moves, the harder your air conditioning has to work to continue cooling. Your goal is to slow this process. Take advantage of your window treatments to block sunlight from making certain rooms overly warm.

Place your thermostat out of the sun’s path and away from heat-producing appliances, so that it does not trigger cooling unnecessarily. Keep doors and windows closed tightly, unless the outdoor temperature is close to what you want it to be indoors.

4. Be Realistic About AC Use

A good AC system runs like a well-oiled machine. It is designed to work with little input from you, and it is better if you do just that. Adjusting the temperature up and down several times a day puts extra pressure on your system to cool faster. Instead, be realistic about the temperature you really need, and keep it there for several hours at a time. This allows your system maximum opportunity to adjust with as little energy consumption as possible.

5. Schedule Professional Maintenance

Although there are many steps you can take to keep your AC in its best condition, sometimes there is no replacement for professional HVAC services. Scheduling an expert to inspect your system can give you peace of mind you might not have otherwise, with the knowledge of exactly how your AC is doing. Signing up for a maintenance plan does not cost a great deal and could save you a lot of money on future repairs.

The best way to save on cooling costs this year is to boost your air conditioner’s efficiency. To learn more about the benefits of an efficient AC unit or schedule service, contact Mendel Plumbing and Heating today at (630) 377-3608.