Why You Should Think About Your AC Even During Winter

Why You Should Think About Your AC Even During Winter

You might think that your furnace deserves all of your attention during winter, but there is a reason to keep tabs on your air conditioning. As soon as the weather gets warmer, your AC should be ready to go. With the right tasks on your AC schedule, you can pass the winter with greater ease.

AC Winter Prep

The wild fluctuations in winter temperature can be hard on any part of your home’s exterior, particularly your air conditioning. Heavy snow, drenching rains and freezing temperatures could lead to an ice buildup that might affect the equipment outside and inside the machine.

Perform these tasks:

  • Switch your home from cooling to heating.
  • On dry days, clear fallen leaves or debris from the unit that can accumulate moisture.
  • Check for obvious signs of damage, which may require repairs.
  • Consider placing a cover that is designed for air conditioners over the unit. This will provide protection without trapping moisture inside.

Set a Winter AC Maintenance Schedule

Once your AC is winterized, you still need to keep an eye on your unit throughout the season. After a big snowstorm, it is common to see the equipment covered in snow or even ice. The system is built to handle this with little problem, but there are a few things you can do if you are concerned.

Any handling of the unit requires a gentle touch to avoid expensive repairs. You can brush off a heavy layer of snow, but avoid trying to scrape or pick ice off the machine. Instead, give it time to melt naturally. When the weather begins to warm up and you can see late fall’s leaves starting to collect around the fins, brush them off again like you did last year.

Run Your AC in Winter

Once you have turned off the AC for the season, it can be a little intimidating to turn it back on. Fear of using your AC too early might cause you to wait too long. Instead, on unusually warm days where the unit is clear and generally clean, give it a test run for a few minutes. Even if you do not need it for actual cooling, running the machine periodically will make it easier to switch back to cooling in spring. If you observe any problems, request professional HVAC services to identify what may be wrong.

Add Spring Service to Your AC Calendar

If your AC looks to be in great shape, you might think there is no reason to bring in an expert for regular maintenance. A spring visit by a professional is an important part of your AC service schedule, and for good reason. In spring, having a technician inspect your system confirms that everything is in ideal condition or lets you know if anything is going wrong. When you have one of our maintenance plans, you will receive this service automatically, along with the assurance your AC will work well for another year.

A great year of cooling starts not in spring, but winter. A little extra work for your AC can translate into big benefits for you. To schedule routine service with one of our expert technicians, call Mendel Plumbing and Heating at (630) 377-3608.