Building lifelong, trusting customer relationships is about safety.

Your Safety Matters

The Mendel Peace of Mind Experience

We understand that home and business owners can feel a bit uneasy when someone unfamiliar arrives at their door. Although trusted for over three decades, Mendel strives to increases your comfort level by sending you a text message once your technician has been dispatched.

Via our text message, you can know with confidence who to expect in advance of their arrival, including:

  • ·See a picture and background bio of your dispatched Technician
  • ·See their location and track their GPS enabled journey to your home or business via your phone Maps app

Also know that Mendel Technicians will always arrive in a Blue Mendel vehicle, wearing a Mendel uniform.

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Your Safety is Our First Priority

Mendel has passed a 21-point process to verify that we are properly licensed and insured. Additionally, the credentials of all Mendel technicians are checked to ensure that any team member sent to your door has passed rigorous, multi-level background screening standards.

SDS Sheets

For your safety, Mendel makes Safety Data Sheets available for the chemicals we use. Click to download the ones you need.

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