Mendel COVID-19 Safety Protocols

COVID-19 Precautions

Mendel Trucks Continue Rolling

Mendel trucks will continue rolling to serve our clients throughout our area as we are designated an Essential Service according to Governor Pritzker’s ‘Stay at Home’ Executive Order #10, dated March 20, 2020.

At Mendel, we executed our Response Plan for Social Distancing on Monday, March 16th, 2020 and it was completed by the end of the day.Our Team Members were all separated, Office Teams disbanded to ‘work-at-home’ setups, and Technician Safety Protocols were instituted for our Team and our Clients. This Plan will remain in effect until the ‘Stay at Home’ Order is lifted.

Our Safety Protocols are continually reviewed and immediately updated based on latest guidance published by OSHA, CDC and WHO.

OSHA published 4 Levels of Worker Exposure Risk to COVID-19.Due to Mendel Technician’s very limited exposure to the public, other co-workers and possibly infected people, our Technicians are rated into OSHA’s lowest exposure risk classification. For more information, click HERE.

Thank you for accommodating our numerous new procedures that have been instituted to keep you and our team safe while they continue to service you.

Highlights of our COVID-19 Safety Protocols:

  • Social Distancing: Our Technicians have not reported to our office since Monday, March 16th and will not until further notice. Our Technicians typically see 1 to 4 clients daily.
  • PPE & Client Distancing: Among numerous new field protocols, technicians will keep a 6-foot distance during their calls, and wear gloves and booties that are changed between calls.
  • PPE - Masks: In keeping with the CDC’s guidance that masks are not necessary for general public use and the request to avoid mask use due to the shortage of PPE for front-line medical personnel, we do not wear masks on every call. Our technicians do have a limited supply of masks and will wear them upon a Client’s request.
  • Office Teams Social Distancing: Mendel’s systems enable our office teams (Call Center, Dispatch Center, Accounting, etc.) to function effectively and keep the same high level of service, while they have all been working in a work-at-home set up.
  • Technician Daily Monitoring: We are daily monitoring each technician for the following, and will remove any Technician from service should any health or safety standards not be met:
    - Any COVID19 symptoms
  • Client Symptoms Inquiry: Our Client Service Representatives will ask you if anyone in your home/facility has exhibited symptoms or be exposed to anyone who has exhibit symptoms prior to booking your service call. If so, please understand, we will not be able to dispatch a technician. Our team will do everything possible to assist you in other ways and get you help.

We are grateful for YOUR TRUST in us,

The Mendel Team

FREE Technical Support via phone / FaceTime
to our Valued Clients during COVID19

Unique times require unique solutions.

In order to provide help with issues you may be experiencing at HOME or at your BUSINESS, and support the social distancing mandate, we’ve put a NEW SERVICE in place to serve you.

We are opening up access to our Technical Experts for our valued clients via phone, FaceTime, etc. at NO CHARGE to you. If a phone call might help save you a Service Call, let us help. Some problems our experts can help with over the phone include:

Common Plumbing Problems:

  • Dripping faucet or pipe
  • Slow draining sink, toilet or shower
  • Water heater leak/not functioning
  • Jammed garbage disposal
  • Sump pump beeping

Common Heating, Cooling, Electrical Problems:

  • Pilot or ignition problems
  • Thermostat issues
  • Unusual furnace noises
  • Airflow problems
  • Breaker tripping, switch/outlet

Have a quick question to get you going?

Need help troubleshooting an issue?

Need someone to walk you through a quick household fix or repair?

Call us at 630-377-3608 or email for support via phone or FaceTime. If after talking to our Experts, a service call is necessary, we will be there.

Dispatch Fee Waived during COVID-19

To assist our clients, we will be waiving our Dispatch Fee until this unique COVID19 time is behind us all.

Indoor Air Purification Systems

For home and business protection from viruses, bacteria and more, we are seeing an increase in installations of our top end Air Purification Systems these past weeks. These systems are used in hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools and senior living facilities to sanitize surfaces and air continually.

Click HERE to see a video illustrating how these powerful systems actually work. Air Purification Systems have been proven to deliver a 99+% kill rate of all viruses and bacteria; however, manufactures have not had the opportunity to test COVID19 specifically, due to the newness of the virus.