MendelCare Home Maintenance Protection Plans & Equipment Tune-Ups

Maintenance Programs

Mendel offers a comprehensive business and home maintenance program that keeps your furnace, air conditioner and other systems running safely and efficiently. We call this the MendelCare Guaranteed Comfort Protection Plan.

We come to your home or business twice a year or more as needed, to keep your comfort systems in the best possible shape. Not sure you’ll remember to call? Don’t worry — we even call you to set up your equipment maintenance program appointment! Not only does this plan save you money in the long run, but the plan’s safety checks for potential carbon monoxide leaks ensure the safety of your family members or employees.

When you sign up for this special plan, you become a “Preferred Customer,” which means that you receive priority scheduling and 10% off, up to $500 per project, on any repair parts or service not covered by this plan, plus a three-year warranty on parts and labor installed while you are a part of this program.

Make Mendel your house maintenance company — and experience a level of homeownership convenience you never thought possible!

MendelCare Protection Plan

  1. Professional Equipment Tune-Up
    • Extension of Mendel’s complete parts and labor warranty from one year to three years on all work performed
    • Contract/Agreement is transferrable to new owners if you sell your property, or it is transferrable to your new home within the Mendel service area
  2. Priority Scheduling
    • MendelCare Protection members receive first response during times of peak service requests (such as storms, heat waves and extreme cold)
  3. Pricing Discounts
    • Annual maintenance is price discounted for HVAC equipment as well as standard water heaters, tankless water heaters, generators and sump systems
    • A 10% discount up to $500 per project on any work performed by Mendel
    • Discounted pricing on diagnostic services when determining the cause(s) of your problem
    • Payment by monthly automated billing to your credit card
  4. Parts & Labor Warranty
    • Mendel’s everyday 1 year parts and labor warranty on all work triples to 3 years for MendelCare Protection Plan members

Frequently Asked Questions About the MendelCare VIP Protection Plan

Q. Will I save on

energy costs?

A. In most cases, you should see clear savings right away. After three months, if you are not satisfied, we will return your entire investment — no questions asked.

Q. How am I billed?

A. You can set up a recurring charge to a credit card once a month.

Q. What is covered?

A. The primary plan covers the tune-up and cleaning of your heating and air conditioning units. We schedule an appointment to focus on your air conditioner between March and August, and your furnace between August and February. We also complete a 30-point safety check at every home to protect your family. We have additional plans that cover water heaters, generators, pool heaters, humidifiers, etc.

Q. Does this plan work for my humidifier, too?

A. Yes, there is a small additional cost to cover your humidifier, but we highly recommend it to extend the life of your humidifier as well.