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When the furnace in your home isn’t up to par, there’s no time to spare. You want your home back to a warm, comfortable environment as quickly as possible. That’s what Mendel, Fox Valley’s premier furnace repair company, wants for you as well. We are committed to providing 100% satisfaction — which we refer to as the Mendel “Peace of Mind” Experience. Our skilled professionals are proud to offer the best in furnace inspection and furnace repair in St. Charles, IL.

  • We take a safety-first approach
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Count on us to provide hassle-free furnace installation and furnace repairs in St. Charles — quickly and with high-quality service.

Furnace Service & Installation

With time and ongoing use, a furnace will inevitably require some repairs. You know it’s not functioning properly if your home doesn’t feel as warm as it once did, or if the system appears to be struggling to run. For service, including routine furnace maintenance and repairs, or for emergency furnace service, count on Mendel’s professional technicians. Our technicians are licensed and certified professionals who have the knowledge to perform the job right. They come to your home, assess the problem, use quality replacement parts and get your system running properly as quickly as possible. At Mendel, we work on most types of equipment, so we should be able to handle your Bryant® furnace repair or fix another type of furnace. And if you need a new unit, we provide and install dependable Bryant® furnace replacements that combine quality with affordability. A new unit can often supply better efficiency, reliability, comfort and safety than the system you’ve replaced, making it a great way to boost the comfort and value of your home.

Of course, prevention is the best way to prevent you from needing furnace repair in St. Charles. That’s why we recommend having your system checked out by our professionals to ensure it’s ready for the cold weather. A complete inspection and cleaning will prolong the life of your equipment and help you save money on energy bills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my furnace running but not heating?

Your system may be experiencing trouble with the ignition system or the fuel supply. Either the furnace isn’t receiving fuel or it isn’t igniting it to generate heat. Your gas valve may be closed, or you may have run out of propane in your tank. Older units may have a pilot light that has been extinguished and needs to be relit. In the case of units with an electronic ignition system, the switch may be dirty. This prevents the contact necessary to light the fuel.

What is the most common reason a furnace stops working?

Clogged filters are one of the most common causes of furnace issues. Making sure you clean or replace your filters once a month will ensure you don’t experience airflow problems that can cause your unit to stop working.

When should you repair or replace your furnace?

The surest sign of trouble with your heating system is a sudden and unexplained rise in your utility bills. If you’ve noticed the cost of using your furnace has increased significantly without your usage increasing, it may be time to have it checked. Most furnaces have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years, so if yours is about that old you should probably think about replacing it. Even if it’s not that old, you should replace it if the cost to repair it turns out to be higher than buying and installing a new unit.

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