Our Bryant® Heat Pump Product Lineup

Bryant® Heat Pumps

The higher the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) ratings, the more you save on monthly energy costs. The rock-solid Evolution® System line of heat pumps offers Bryant’s highest efficiency and greatest comfort options. Choose the Preferred™ Series and Legacy™ Line products for economical comfort.

For more information about these products or to request an estimate, please contact us or call 630-377-3608.

  • Evolution® Extreme Heat Pump 280A
  • Evolution® Heat Pump 289B
  • Evolution® Heat Pump 288BNV
  • Evolution® Heat Pump 286B
  • Evolution® Coastal Heat Pump 286BNC
  • Evolution® Heat Pump 285BNH
  • Evolution® Heat Pump 285B
  • Preferred™ Heat Pump 226A
  • Preferred™ Heat Pump 225B
  • Preferred™ Compact Heat Pump 224ANS
  • Preferred™ Heat Pump 223A
  • Preferred™ Compact Heat Pump 538B
  • Legacy™ Heat Pump 215B
  • Legacy™ Heat Pump 214D
  • Legacy™ Heat Pump 213C
  • Legacy™ Coastal Heat Pump 213ANC