Save with Preventative Maintenance

Save with Preventative Maintenance

Skipping Your HVAC Maintenance Check? Here's What You Are Missing

The primary reason that maintaining your system is a good investment is because in the long run it saves you money. When a heating and cooling system is not properly maintained, it is positioned for expensive breakdowns. Your routine maintenance checks will ensure that small problems, like frayed wiring or dirty air filters, are addressed before they can turn into a full system breakdown.

In addition, keeping your system maintained can put more money into your pocket by lowering your energy bills. A properly maintained system will run as efficiently as possible. Without clogged air filters or leaky ductwork, your system will not add unnecessary costs to your energy bills.

If your HVAC system is under warranty, you will want to pay attention to routine maintenance checks to ensure that your warranty remains valid. This can save money if something does go wrong with the system, because your warranty will cover the damage.

Maintenance Protects Your HVAC System

Day in and day out, you rely on your HVAC system to keep your family healthy and comfortable. Spontaneous breakdowns are not only costly, but they are also dangerous, especially during extremely hot or cold times. Sometimes the simplest problems, like a clogged air filter, can lead to serious malfunctions. If your air filter is clogged, for example, your entire system can fail when the blower motor or compressor overheats and stops functioning.

The good news is that you can protect your system through maintenance, and some of the maintenance can be handled on your own. Consider these steps:

  • Keep the area around the outdoor unit free from shrubs and weeds to improve airflow.
  • Check the outdoor unit for debris and dirt.
  • Replace your air filter monthly during peak usage times.
  • Remove boxes and stored items from around your indoor unit.
  • Use the thermostat to ensure the unit is running efficiently.

With these maintenance steps and regular checks from your technician, you can increase the life of the system. By putting a little bit of money into your system each year, you can avoid the thousands of dollars that a full system replacement will cost. In fact, properly maintained systems can last past their normal expected lifetime.

Proper Preventative Maintenance Can Improve Your Family's Health

One surprising way that maintaining your system can help you is through health improvements. When your system is not regularly maintained, dust, debris and allergens can accumulate inside the filter and the air ducts. Even mold and bacteria can build up in the system. When air passes through the system, these are stirred, decreasing the indoor air quality in your home.

When you schedule a maintenance check, the technician will check the overall cleanliness of the system. Your air filter will be replaced or cleaned, depending on the type you have, and your ducts will be inspected for signs of buildup. If a problem is noticed, the technician can suggest cleaning methods to take care of the debris.

Interestingly, when the system is working properly, it will help improve your indoor air quality. Your heating and cooling system is designed to pull some contaminants and allergens out of the air, trapping them in the air filter. It's also designed to help manage humidity levels, reducing mold and mildew problems, and improving overall comfort in your home. In order to do this job correctly, the system needs to be properly maintained.

If you have been putting off preventative maintenance because of the cost, consider the benefits you are missing. With a little investment now, you can save money, improve the life of your system, and protect your family's health. In this way, maintenance is well worth the cost. Schedule a maintenance check in the spring and fall, and you will enjoy a functional, healthy system all year