How To Keep Your A/C Cool This Spring

How To Keep Your A/C Cool This Spring

In midwinter, you might not be too worried about your air conditioner. Spring is on the way, however, and you want to be on top of any concern that might stop you from staying cool. Here’s what you should know about possible A/C problems, and how some simple actions could help you avoid them.

Clear the Path to Cooling

There are only a few ways that property owners can promote their A/C system function before hiring a professional, but keeping the space clear is an important one. You might not think of your exterior or interior A/C units as living beings, but they certainly need to breathe.

Steady airflow improves cooling output and reduces the risk of damage. This is why you need to keep the space surrounding the unit clean and clear. Trim bushes and plants to provide at least 12 inches of airflow around the outside unit. Gently brush off any leaves or dirt that are stuck or settled on top.

Look for Common A/C Problems

Sometimes, you notice that your air conditioning is not acting as it should. Before turning it on in spring, you may have no idea what to expect. Even if the system worked great when you switched to heat in fall, you might still face the following issues:

  • A/C is not working: If you turn on cooling and nothing happens, you might have a tripped circuit breaker or other concerns. This is usually an indication that you need a professional to inspect it and determine the cause.
  • Leaks: No part of your air-conditioning system should be leaking. Leaking water is a sign that the drain line is clogged and needs to be cleared. Leaking refrigerant can affect the cooling and requires a professional to repair.
  • Dirty filter and coils: A dirty air filter affects your indoor air quality, but also makes your system work harder. If it takes too much dirt, it may pass some of the debris to the evaporator coil. This coil performs the important role of removing heat from the air to provide cooling, and excessive dirt will cause it to fail eventually.
  • AC is not cooling: Your air conditioner cycles through various parts of the system to cool the home. If any part of that cycle fails, you may have a system that seems to be running but gives inadequate or no cooled air.

With all of these, a prompt response could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Schedule Spring Air-Conditioner Maintenance

The last thing you want is to wait on any potential cooling issues until they reach crisis level. Scheduling A/C maintenance is the key to staying a few steps ahead of equipment failure.

With a quick inspection once a year, your technician looks at all parts of the system and confirms that everything is in appropriate working order. He or she can help identify wear or malfunction that calls for repair and review your options. If you sign up for a maintenance plan, you can spread the payment over the year and receive some valuable discounts on other services.

Looking forward to the lovely spring weather is so much easier with functioning A/C. To schedule an air-conditioner spring checkup, contact Mendel Plumbing and Heating today.